Tick that baby off!

Tick it off!

Tick it off!

Grrr, I just deleted my post!

Was going to say the month started with a hiss and roar!

And it has !!

Lots to do this week re running plans.

Done 2 of my runs for the week, tick tick!

Tomorrow I will do a weights class and get a specific running strength program drawn up.

Weak Achilles and hamstrings so need to get some strength there.

I think a roller is needed, as my running buddy fit4365 suggests it is good, so that may be a goer too.

Err maybe its not called a roller, I can not think what its called.

The long bendy rubber/foamy thing you roll legs etc over…


Be proactive in fending off injuries rather than reactive when I get them:)

bit of this...

bit of this…

I did this Factor F class at the gym before Xmas.

That was hard yakka, 30 minutes high intensity.

Just the shock my body needs.

May do one of those this week:)

tired legsOrdered my new shoes, well new versions of my usual runners.

Trail demons & Defyance by Brooks.

I am considering trying Hoka Ones as I have heard good things.



February Tally:

2 runs

65 minutes

12.5 km

marathon 3

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