Have to be a little bit of a show off today….

Another look for you!

Pristine and unused!

New New New New……..Shoes!!


The tread was getting a little thin on the purple beauties…

I really like the Trail demons!! 

new and old...

new and old…

Especially the old purple ones shown below.

Good bye old faithful, you will now be work shoes!!

I was OUT that door quick, lickety spit!


Good bye old faithful!


I alternate between 2 pairs but when I brought my last 2 pairs,

I found I didn’t like the feel of my Defyance, the white, yellow and blue ones above.

A pity as I have had them before.

Hence they are pretty unused.

I did wonder if because my alternate shoes are trail shoes now if this makes a difference.

But the defyance are not minimum support which would affect how they feel switching to trail shoes.

Plus I hate to say it but the color did not do it for me.

Sad, but true.

I may try the Brooks Transcend as a 2nd shoe.

I have heard about the Hoka One One but not sure.

Has anyone else run with them?



Check out this awesome article about the runners body!! 

I must say that when I see really lean marathon guys, it makes me envious.

I want to be lean like that but for a woman, its pretty hard.

Not the scrawny need a good feed looking guys…

linda 2

I like the lean mean biceps, you know I love Linda Hamilton arms!!

And the lean sculpted legs.

these legs!!

these legs!!

Hmmm more leanness needed!

Hmmm more leanness needed!

How fast was I out the door?

How fast was I out the door?

And how did they feel?


That could be new shoe bias though:)

3 Runs completed of the planned 5 for the week.

A 12 and 5 km to go.

I am thinking of next week doing a split run…

Say 2 x 5 kms in a day.

Splits are in the marathon plan.

Another look for you!

Another look for you!

February TALLY

3 Runs

Today:8 km

Total 20.5 km

Time : 45 mins today…

No gym as yet…

Yes, I know but I just want to run.


Good reading

Good reading

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