A run in pictures

Have you checked out Shaz’s Blog? You need to!! She keeps me running in lean times:) Always an inspiration.


Hard to decided this morning, should I go for a long slow run or rob a bank? Fortunately I could dress the same for either so the decision was not made till the last minute.


For those you that know the area the run went like this Seaton, Beer, Branscombe, Weston, Branscombe, Beer, Seaton!

See the hill? Well I came down that via the cliff to then run along the beach on the stones to then climb up to where I took this picture!Branscombe

Then it was more up


Look carefully on the right of the path is a deer-very exciting


See the hill, on the left, that is where I took the photos above, we went to the top, beyond and then turned around!

More hillsSee the houses in the valley, we ran behind them before climbing back to here


then it was more UP


but wait there was FLAT

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