I am going mad….

20150204_144938 (600x800)

Another good read

You must think I am mad!

I said yesterday that I had 2 more runs to do this week, a 12 and a 5 km..


God only knows where my head was.

In this book???

All that excitement over the new shoes must have left me with less oxygen to my brain!

I have to do 29.8 this week so that’s 9 km to go…

I must have been thinking of later weeks or maybe the marathon plan.



 No run today, i was going to go to this high intensity class but I was at work longer than planned.

I was very tempted to go home and run later BUT I went to the gym.

 I did 11 minutes rowing, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the cycle.

Treadmill was winking at me, even though I am pretty faithful to the road/trails.

Tomorrow a weights class and then a wee 4km run tomorrow night and finish the running week on Saturday with a 5.8km I think.

Or I may just do a 9.8 tomorrow:)

Lets leave it until tomorrow to decide.


ha ha running

February Tally:

3 runs

20.5 km

1 gym!!

(11 min rowing, 15 min cycle, 15 min elliptical)

run run


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