Removing the cotton wool

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Unsporty Women Can Run

For 14 weeks we concentrated on preparing for the marathon.  As each week went by the training increased both in distance and intensity.  Pauly, Louise and I ate it.  We breathed it.  But most of all we ran through those 14 weeks with a blinkered determination.

During those 14 weeks I was careful of the shoes I wore.  Careful if I had to use a step ladder, jump over a rock, bend to lift something heavy.  Careful.  Thoughtful.  Cautious.  I didn’t want to end up with an injury and not be able to run the marathon.  I even came down steps like a little old lady.

Cotton wool?  I was so virtually wrapped up in it, it’s amazing I could run at all!

This was particularly applied to running fast.  Fast to me is relative.  I run so much faster now than when I first started running five years ago.  My…

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