Variety is the SPICE of life!

liar liarLiars!!

I just like to run.

I don’t need variety in that area.

 I was going to say I went to the gym BUT I didn’t!!

Ha, I did run though.

running quotes 3

Promise tomorrow I will do some weights.

I really do need to keep my word as my Achilles are very sore.

A day to rest them is probably very wise.

Have had a few light bulb moments lately re running:)

I realised yesterday whilst running that I now find it acceptable to stop at times when I run.

Until recently I had to run the WHOLE way of my planned run.

No stopping else that just ruined it, regardless of how long I ran, whether it was 40 minutes or 3 hours.

But a few times lately I have had to stop to rejig my Spotify and I have found I run better after,

just that 1-2 minute break.

Something learnt!

Only taken me 8-9 years of running !!

Share another pearler with you tomorrow AFTER THE GYM!!


running 10

February Tally:

6 runs

41.3 km

This weeks tally 13 km.

1 gym session…






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