Weight, Wait, Weight….

running 14

HaHA, That maybe God’s own truth but ain’t no running happening here today.

Off to the gym I went as promised.

20 minutes rowing with the last 5 minutes going hard yakka.

42 rev’s (?) per stroke or something like that.

I quite like rowing.

Shhhhhhhh, don’t say anything!

A proper weights session and 5-10 minutes stretches to finish off.

I just surprise myself!

I confess,, my Achilles were sore still so I thought….


Long term thinking, not short-term 🙂

That has taken me many many years to do!

running fool

Got no excuses at the moment time wise, as I am now unemployed again as at Monday.

 I have never had, in 20 years of working, had employment struggles and difficulties with employers like I have here.

Good jobs are hard to come by because it’s a small place.

A job I am looking at now is 80 minutes drive each way.

I may end up staying there and working 4 days on and 4 days off.

Another job is in Auckland, 3 and a half hours away where I used to live.

Or do I sell myself cheap locally and go work in a lower position for half the money?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…..

goodbye hello

I am telling myself it is the fates telling me to get off my arse and do something about being self-employed as I was in Auckland.

Soooo superstitious soul I am, have started renewing my old site, Greedybread.



I was a self-employed Hospitality Tutor who also did evening classes and gave private baking/cooking lessons along with the odd food tour.

When I came here, the clients were not easily transferable so I put it on ice for a bit.

I also wanted to see what was what and not stand on any toes initially.

I deleted my whole website the other day ….


Long long story.

I am starting Greedybread from scratch here and my website too, so at least it will keep me busy.



February Tally:

7 runs

47.8 km

This weeks tally 19 km

3 gym sessions.

9.4 km rowing.

2 sort of stretching sessions.



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