Take it Easy…Take it easy…

eaglesThe sound of my own…

Bloody hell can not remember the rest of that song….

You know ” Take it easy ” by The Eagles.

But take it easy I did yesterday.

No running, no gym, no no no….

Cleaned one of my sons rooms, it had reached the rubbish tip, rat stage and smelt when you passed by.

2 rubbish bags, one good vacuum, 2 open windows and a complete strip of all bedding and removal of all dirty clothes later….

like this..

like this..



The smell of the great unwashed!!

The other son is at the other end of the spectrum.

One can not get in the bathroom, ever and I am constantly choked by cologne and deodorant fumes.

No moderation…and one wonders why I run?

run fucking run


Did some gardening, made some more breads for my Greedybread blog and did some reading.

Changed the lounge around and did a big clean.

Took one of my cats, Whitey to the vets, she needs to get a dental done and teeth removed.

So booked that in for Tuesday.

Walked the dog, feed the 2 wild kitties I have and am taming.



Went to Acacia bay and fed my colony cats and that was that.

Made sushi with the clean boy.

Easier to run:)

whitey girl off to enjoy the sun!

whitey girl off to enjoy the sun!

So week 2 round-up is….

Today ran 13.20 km.

Achilles still sore .

Expected weekly plan: Feb 8th : 32.78 km  2 x 5 km runs/ 1 x 10 & 2 x 6 km PLUS 1 weights & 1 stretch or yoga.

Pretty much on target but I did 4 runs I think, not 5.

2 gym /stretching other thing sessions, so all good.

500m shy of my weekly running target.




February Tally:

8 runs

61.10 km

This weeks tally 32.20 km

3 gym sessions.

9.4 km rowing.

2 sort of stretching sessions.

download (75)


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