Leg loosener….

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7 km of easy and flat today.

Loosen those legs after yesterdays effort:)

Bit hobbly this morning.

Now is this age or is that  I REALLY need to stretch all the time?

I am going to go WAY WAY WAY, yep way, out of the comfort zone and go to a stretch class tomorrow.

This is part of what I promised I would do in my plan!

Week 3, here we go!!

“Feb 15th : 36.06 km  2 x 5 km / 2 x 7 km x 1 x 12 .06 km PLUS 2 weights & 1 yoga/stretch.”


Ok, people, 10.30am a Breathe class.

” BREATHE This is your core class to find balance and strength from within.

Strong slower movements designed to train the body for strength and balance”….

What say you all?

Lady Leonie!! The owner...

Lady Leonie!! The owner…

Being a runner, I am not a gym bunny but my gym is pretty awesome…

Contours TAUPO.

Leonie, the owner practices what she preaches and she will kick your arse!!

If that’s what you want.

No pink and fluffiness here, ladies come here to get down and serious but fun if you know what I mean.


Hardly any faces full of makeup and reading whilst having a slow walk on the treadmill or bike.

Sorry but why bother?

I digress….

There is a new class at Contours Taupo, called Barre, yes like ballet, it too is a stretch and strengthen class.

Can you imagine me doing the splits?

Ha, this old inflexible girl……



February Tally:

9 runs

68.10 km

This weeks tally 7 km

3 gym sessions.

9.4 km rowing.

2 sort of stretching sessions.



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