Quick….Quick …

Hard life for our cats...

Quick post today.

One of my cats , Whitey, is at the Vets.

Going to pick her up soon but I have been worrying all day.

She is ok but has had a horrible lump we didn’t know about removed so will see what the story is there.

Poor girl, goes for a dental and this happens.

Went for a run, did some gardening, did some sanding, did lots of distraction things…

I just worry about my cats…

No stretch class yesterday ….

Long story…


I did my run today and stretches at home.

Yoga really for 30 minutes, so pretty chuffed:)


download (76)

February Tally:

10 runs

76.10 km

This weeks tally 15 km (2 runs)

3 gym sessions.

9.4 km rowing.

3 sort of stretching sessions.

Sweet Whitey girl.

Sweet Whitey girl.


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