Maybe I could be a rower??

rowing 1

New Zealanders are good rowers…

However I don’t think that is me and to excuse the pun, the boat has really gone out on that one I think.

I am quite enjoying it though, apart from the numb arse.

4.2 km today 23 minutes, so quite happy with that effort.

Then I did the following plyometric circuit

60 x burpees

60x triceps dips

60 sec planks

60 sec side planks

60 hamstring bridge lifts

60 sumo squats

60 mountain climbers

60 squats on boscu ball

2 minute wall sit

60 lunges

60 press ups

60 sec plank.

10 minutes of calf and leg stretches and rolling.


Miss Whitey is fine and well…rolling around in the celery this morning.

Pain meds!!

Scoffed down heaps of food as soon as she got home.

This was after having all her teeth out and a big lump removed!!

But I need to make amends to make up for the indignity of her having to go to the vet, let alone get into the vet procedures!!

So it will be fussy cat and steak for a while for her…

and grovelling for me!

Until the guilt goes:)


20140317_123219 (800x600)

February Tally:

10 runs

76.10 km

This weeks tally 15 km (2 runs)

4 gym sessions.

13.6km rowing

3 sort of stretching sessions.

run alot

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