Resting…..Resting…& Visualising…..

taupo 1For tomorrows long run, which will take me through the bush  & maybe out to Aratiatia dam.

I like planning epic runs.

Mind you my epic runs at not what they were but slowly slowly I will get back to the 20-30 km runs.

BUT any run you enjoy is an epic run, I reckon.

I go through it in my mind and when I run, I visualise where I am running to, round certain trails etc.

Helps keep me distracted if I get tired and keep going.

14-15 km tomorrow.

I drove out along Huka falls road today to see how far I could go along that road.

Last time I ran out there, I stopped just past Huka falls .

but tomorrow I will go out a bit further or go across the bridge you can see above and run further out towards the dam.

Ran 7.5 km yesterday …

totally amazing!!

totally amazing!!

Still a little worried about my Achilles as they are really tight regardless of me doing these stretches and calf/ hamstring exercises.

Yes, I know, it’s not going to magically appear all fine but I am just worried about it getting worse.

That is partly why I am running every 2nd day or if I run 2 days in a row, I do 6-7 km only each run.

I am also not purposely going out to do hills.

Hmm, might need to get it looked at as they as really tight.


huka falls

February Tally:

11 runs

73.6 km

This weeks tally 22.5 km (2 runs)

4 gym sessions.

13.6km rowing (3 sessions)

3 sort of stretching sessions.



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