Ending running week with Surya Namaskara A & B…..


Contrary to me saying I only like running exercise wise,  I do like Astanga yoga.

I went on and off over the years to the Yoga Academy when I lived in Auckland.

It is an awesome place .

I have been going on and off (ha ha, consistent there) to The Heart Centre in Taupo.

I do a bit at home when the fancy takes me and its better than stretching which you all know I hate…

Yes, I hear you, Yoga is stretching …

But you do an astanga class and you will see why for a running freak this isn’t like stretching exercises.

I decided to end the week with the sun salutes, Surya Namaskara A & B.

A good stretch!!

Plus I did a another new thing today, I did a split run.

I am worried about my Achilles so I split up my long run.

I did 9.5 km at 6am this morning and am doing 5.5 tonight.

It’s the end of week 3!!


ashtanga 1

 February Tally:

13 runs

89.1 km

This weeks tally  38.1 km(5 runs)

4 gym sessions

1 yoga sun salutes

13.6km rowing (3 sessions)

3 sort of stretching sessions.


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