Change of Plan Stan….

20150130_140536 (1024x768)

Achilles, sore, very sore.

Despite doing stretches and calf work….

A wise woman, which is not usually me re running, will be doing less running this week.

Twice when I have been running in the last week, there have been things on the radio about this sports person who did this to their Achilles.

Hmmm,  felt the running gods were telling me something.

And it wasn’t RUN MICHELLE RUN!!

Bit of a disappointment really ….

But rather than spit in the face of the running gods, being superstitious, I felt I best heed that advice!!

Storm clouds gathering….

Literally & figuratively…

Just feeling blah blah blah , eating haphazardly and a good run would ward that off that blahness!

Cast off that black dog BUT alas, NO!!

running quotes

So this is the revised plan Stan!

I was due to start week four of my marathon plan and then start my marathon training next week.

It’s an intermediate plan which means you get stuck into higher mileage almost straight away.

I will revise that slightly and may get a beginners marathon plan (not beginner runner) and then combine the two.

The author of my intermediate plan,Doug Kurtis, did say the best way to train and run a marathon is to be adaptable and change the plan where YOU need to.

Wise advice, Doug:)

I will do a 5 km easy tomorrow and see how it is but I suspect a good week of no running maybe the ticket.

I will get my sorry arse off to the gym and do some rowing, cycling, weights etc to keep myself busy to ward off the black dog!

Plus eat some vegetables.

black dogs

A small sidestep.

Did I say I bloodY HATE cycling?

& Swimming?

Don’t even get me started on that!

But I have been doing my 15-20 minutes of Sun salutes in the morning!!

I may even go to a yoga class tomorrow 🙂

Woo Woo…


black dog 3

February Tally:

13 runs

89.1 km

This weeks tally  none…will start today.

4 gym sessions

4 yoga sun salutes

13.6km rowing (3 sessions)

3 sort of stretching sessions.


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