Get with the program!!


There are many awesome websites for weights / strength programs.

Maybe that is the problem…

Too many and not knowing what to choose??

I have used Tribe sports in the past for some variety in what I am doing or getting ideas.

I have used Michelle Bridges as I like her “Get into it slack arses ” and no sympathy attitude.

I like Jillian Michaels too.

But at the moment I love Two bad bodies.

These women are awesome and they rock it, fit as hell and not anorexic sticks.

If you have not checked them out, you should, they have awesome plyometric strength training that you can do with no equipment.

I like these two women because they are runners and its hard to find running specific strength programs.

2 bad bodies

Sure, Runners world have some but it’s not like a 4/8/12 week plan that you can keep at.

That’s what I would like ….

A strength plan to work away at, something to go beside the marathon plan:)

The Marathon plans are great but on cross training or other days you need to find your own program.





Sun salutes first thing…..wooo tick that box!!!

5 km easy run at 11 am….

YES I said no running but was testing the waters.

2.4 km easy run to gym to warm up @ 5pm.

60 minutes Weights Class

2.4 easy run (well wasn’t easy by then as legs tired!!) home.


P.S: Tomorrow, I may go to a SPIN class…Ha ha…

Don’t get too excited…

They really are hideous!

spin bikes

February Tally:

15 runs

96.5 km

This weeks tally 2 split runs 1 x 5 km 1 x 2.5 km.

5 gym sessions

5 yoga sun salutes

13.6 km rowing (3 sessions)

3 sort of stretching sessions.

can't run now. Am selecting dinner...

can’t run now. Am selecting dinner…

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