You spin me round like a record…

Yep, you know it!!


Nope …Dead or Alive!

Yes, well there is a reason people run and that is usually because they hate spinning!!

I hate it, I REALLY DO!!

spinning 3

Don’t get me wrong, the woman taking it was awesome and inspiring but….

For a start, I do not like cycling.

Sure, nice flat rounds and meandering, yes, its ok.

Even getting from here to there, as long as it’s not to hard on my legs.

But spinning is just hideous!

It is like treadmill running..worse..

And people are not smiling like that photo below…


Yes, I know this means I need to do it.


Sun Salutes done .

Weights again tomorrow and maybe a wee run:)

Just wee one.

Saw this interesting Runner’s World article on over training for marathon…

Need to find it.


(Spin Tonto Spin, wouldn’t sound good either)

spinning 1

February Tally:

15 runs

96.5 km

This weeks tally 2 split runs 1 x 5 km 1 x 2.5 km.


6 weights sessions

6 yoga sun salutes

13.6 km rowing (3 sessions)

3 sort of stretching sessions.

running quotes 3


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