Bit of a Quandry…


bali nine

The Ironman is here this weekend and its very exciting.

I love Ironman and ran some of the way with some of the competitors last year.

But the pending executions of the 2 Bali nine ringleaders makes it very sombre .

I don’t know why this particular case upsets me, but it really does.

New Zealanders & Aussie’s seem to get caught with drugs in Asian countries often …

And you shake your heads as we all know what the penalty is…

But it doesn’t deter people from quick bucks…

Everyday these things happen, people executed worldwide and most we never hear about…

I am not excusing what they did but it was ten years ago and they were 20 years old.

Guilty of being dumb kids, they weren’t hardened criminals, looking to make a quick buck..

They didn’t kill any one, yes I know their drugs do BUT people can say no.

I believe in the death penalty for some cases but this hasn’t and doesn’t stop drug smuggling.

Plus they were taking it to Aussie, not bringing the stuff in!!

I don’t know, it really makes me feel ill and sad.


 I got up early and went to the gym yesterday.


Rowed 4.5 km, 26 minutes and cycled 25 minutes.

15 minutes sun salutes and a wee run last night.

Today rest day….

Run tomorrow and support of the competitors.



 March Tally:

1 bush walk/ trek

1 x split 5km & 4 km.

2 runs- 14km

1 x  weights session

2 x 20 minutes cycling

2 x yoga sun salutes.

1 x 4.5 km rowing


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