Sweet Baby Jesus!!

sweet baby

A young girl I worked with used to say that because I said she could not say FUCK!!

Today, it really was Sweet baby Jesus indeed!

I swear my body is betraying me!

Sore knee, sore hamstrings, sore ankles, sore Achilles.


ricky bobby

Yes, well there was no thanking going on, just muttering , swearing and carrying on.

Off I went, all lovely dovely..

Did a nice 5 km along the waterfront on the other side of the road from Ironman people…

All exciting and fabulous.

All good, then I turned off from the Ironman people and it all went to crap!!

2 stops on a 11 km run??

Yes, I know this is fine BUT it’s not really in my mind.

ironman 2

Sore sore Achilles and hammies again!

I need to go get my knee looked at and my ankles…

Just not good.

I have taken it easy running the last 2 weeks and I sort of expect a bit of leeway but no!

Twice I have had to turn down my brother to do trail runs with him as I know it will kill my Achilles and I don’t think I can keep up with him at the moment.


I know any run is a privilege but that’s the problem.

I just love running and want to run but my body is not coming to the party!

I see these Ironman competitors who at the stage I saw them were on their last stretch…

Having done 180km bike ride, about 25 km run and a swim …

Yet here I am, slack arse having trouble with 11 km and moaning!


none of that!!

none of that!!

March Tally:

1 bush walk/ trek

1 x split run 5km & 4 km.

3 runs- 25 km

1 x  weights session

2 x 20 minutes cycling

2 x yoga sun salutes.

1 x 4.5 km rowing


5 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Jesus!!

    • ha ha…funnily enough I thought of you whilst running…thinking surely if Shaz can do her Grizlzy run, i can bloody finish this run today!! then i distracted myself trying to convert the length of the grizzly into kms…): We need to go to a runners retreat…foam rollers, massages and hot stones!!

    • I sort of know but I need to do something physical daily ….Please do not say walking or swimming…..I will either go back to yoga or look at pilates. Strangely enough my ankles and achilles are sorest when walking….There is a lady, that is a chiropractor that I have been ummig and arghing about but she is supposedly great with foot and ankle pains…The list is long long long to get into see the pilates guy here…small towns!! The physio I see is an hour away…sigh!! I do wonder though am I not giving myself an excuse not to do this Taupo marathon..hmmm

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