I hugged an IRONLADY….

11038698_656633377798315_2373947015985878281_nand I liked it:)

Looked at her medal too!!

Never seen one in the flesh!

What an inspiration, she is.

A lady I spoke to when I went for a job trial, had just done Ironman on saturday.

Teeny, Tiny lady from Auckland called Janet.

Janet weighed 100+ kilos not so long ago…

180km bike ride, 3.8 km swim and 42 km run!!

But she was just amazing, she looked amazing and you could feel this ‘ thing’ off her.

I hugged her a few times, she must have thought I was a mad woman.

We know a few people in common through running and such links.

70.3 2

As you know, I like endurance type things..more ultramarathons though.

Not that I have done one, but the idea of it, trails running too…

Anyhow I digress, I thought maybe I should do a half ironman…I did think it last year too.

It would take my focus off the just running and make me focus on other things…

Plus I know I can do the run component now if need be, the bike too, but the SWIM??

Well people, THAT is where I am really am going to need to do some work.

Swim, Michelle, SWIM.

December 2015 in Taupo is the Taupo 70.3.

I am still aiming to do my marathon in Taupo in August.

Worst comes to worst with my legs, ankles, Achilles at the moment….

well I can do a September or October Marathon elsewhere.


So the revised plan is

1) Go to doctor/physio and get legs checked out properly.

2)  Gotta get a job first though as saving pennies..

THEN Doctor as soon as job appears:)

So fingers X I get this job I went for today!!

Everyone do me a wee good luck jig!

3)Revise my marathon plan for August but have a 2nd one in place for Sept/Oct if need be.

If I start now as planned, it is exactly 20 weeks.

I could do a 16 week plan if need be but I will downgrade to a beginners plan rather than intermediate.

I will look at plan tonight for 16 weeks, probably one of Hal’s and a half iron man plan…

That will keep me busy.


Not good.

Creaky Bones…..




2 thoughts on “I hugged an IRONLADY….

  1. no jigs for you!! a mental jig only i hope on those poor legs!! 🙂 yep as soon as job is in the bag, physio, i shall go too…A week of cycling and rowing and weights…no running, promise!

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