Like Crack BUT better…

hard yakka 2

Tis this indescribable joy that running brings…

Its like this big bubble before it bursts.

It makes me want to bounce.

Years ago I used to bounce on my toes when I got excited.

Often I think nothing makes me happy enough to bounce anymore…

But running does.

Its like this absolute pure joy that I can do this.

Intensified when you have had a few days off….

Is it relief or joy?

Running doesn’t care if you are old, ugly, young, white, yellow, fat, slow, beautiful or whatever.

It doesn’t care if your arse is wide or your legs long and lean.

It is the great equalizer I believe.

joy bubbles

That’s why I love it, because I know I can do it, maybe not fast but I can do it.

No matter how depressed I get, I run and for me its a lifesaver.

I love it because it’s all about me, for me and no one else.

I judge myself harshly in everything I do except for running.

With my running, I just let myself run and be.

I don’t care about what time so and so runs or the best time for this race.

I am not saying if I am behind a person running, I won’t try to catch up.

BUT I don’t care about races or times.

The only person I judge myself with running is myself.

I love running for what it gives me.

I just like to run, to see how far I can go, how far I can push my body but it’s not about time.


When I started running about a decade ago, I was so unfit and a smoker, so the fact that I could do this was amazing.

In the early days I kept at it not because I loved it BUT because I was buggered if this running business would beat me.

That is why I still love it now, because it challenges me, it makes me think & focus of what I am doing now and not all the other shit in my head.

I know it’s not a cure-all or a magic potion but it’s deeply ingrained in me.

The placebo effect, I believe it, therefore it does work.

When I try to tell people what its like not to run, they don’t get it.

It’s like a yearning in my heart and when I see people running it makes me happy…

I want to high five people in the street.

Unless I am not running through injury and then I want to punch them in the face:)


Had a week off and went for a wee run today.

45 minutes, 8 km.

Bit sore on left ankle.

Ok, I have revised my intermediate program…

Well I tell lies, I am using Hal’s novice 2 program.

Its 18 weeks, so it would mean start on the 23rd and I wouldn’t be behind.

Am looking at his intermediate one too though….Like that lay out better, plus its increased mileage..

I am also just looking at Michelle Bridges Marathon plan.

Bloody hell.


Tonto himself...

Tonto himself…

March Tally:

1 bush walk/ trek

1 x split run 5km & 4 km.

4 runs- 33 km

1 x  weights session

2 x 20 minutes cycling

2 x yoga sun salutes.

1 x 4.5 km rowing


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