And what do you know?

run alotYesterdays run was a donger!!

It was hard work indeed…

Which goes to show it’s not all cheery lightness and fairies with this running gig):

Ahhh, but you don;t get that immense joy for nothing!!

This is the price you pay…

Nah, but I know that.

I have had some real shockers and it has been a real battle the whole way to finish.

In my head, chatting back and forth…tired, run one more post/ song, tired.. want to stop, do one more post):

You all know what I mean.

Got a bit of a shocker for you today…

Went back to yoga!!

90 minutes later exhausted, using my body weight…

But a good stretch and will go again on Wednesday…

That’ll be that 4 kg I put on in the last few weeks…

Possibly why the run was so crap, I could feel every extra gram!!

Lugging my sorry butt up the hill:)



 March Tally:

1 bush walk/ trek

1 x split run 5km & 4 km.

5 runs-40 km

2 x  weights session

2 x 20 minutes cycling

2 x yoga sun salutes.

1 x 4.5 km rowing.

1 x Ashtanga session (90 minutes)


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