Ha ha…Smashed it…

hard out

Totally biked up the Alpine crossing!!


On the bike at the gym using the Alpine workout.

No running since Sunday as sore Achilles, still.

And bloody knee is sore too but it feels more like a muscle up the side on my knee than the actual knee itself.

So won’t be silly.


Monday did yoga and cycling.

Tuesday did cycling.

Wednesday did cycling and weights.

Today did cycling and rowing…

Wee row along the Thames (ha ha) with Mahe Drysdale…

Then a bit of bike with Gino Bartali…



March Tally:

1 bush walk/ trek

1 x split run 5km & 4 km.

5 runs-40 km

2 x  weights session

3 x cycling sessions (2 x 20 min & 40 minutes)

2 x yoga sun salutes.

2 x rowing sessions (30 minutes & 15 minutes)

1 x Ashtanga session (90 minutes)



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