Doctor today….Physio Tomorrow…


Hmm, still no closer to anything being solved.

I feel like a whingeing hypochondriac.

Sore ankles, Achilles, hammies, knee and knee tendon.

I was helping a friend out at work for a few days going up and down stairs and it feels like shin splints!!

Doctor pretty useless really.

Not sure why I paid him.

Didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know.

He actually doesn’t even listen and is often so late, he speaks, not you.

I just want to know why my knee is sore, why I am having trouble with my Achilles now after all this time.

Why are my ankles sore?

Why am I getting shin splints when I have been running for so long BUT I haven’t run for over a week???

It hurts my Achilles more to walk than run…

I am happy just to run anyhow but I am trying to be sensible for once …

And this is why you get bloody frustrated because no bastard can tell you zilch!

Who knows…

Back to the bike and the weights cause ain’t no running happening here:(




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