The Runnings Gods have SPIT on me!!!

noooo 1


Not good!

Who am I kidding?

It is FUCKING terrible.

A bloody nightmare.

spinning 3

Yep, well there will be no spinning either.

For the next 2 – 4 weeks, no cycling, rowing, lower body weights, walking (apart from where necessary)

No plyometrics, HIIT training, no jumping round…


No, no, no no!!

Swimming only exercise for the next two weeks and you know how I love to swim.

Maybe after 2 weeks some yoga if I am lucky.

No running for 8-till god knows how many weeks!


If I am lucky in 4 weeks I can do some cycling etc…

If I am really lucky in 8 weeks I maybe be able to do small 1 km!

If not, well 3-12 months…

I have inflamed Achilles with nodules on them.

Rubbed, gelled and taped up.

Heel lifts and other shitey business, daily icing and gel rubs!


What has caused this shitey turn of events?

Running on it did not help BUT the main cause has been me changing my bloody shoes.

Remember I mentioned it a few weeks back..

That I thought the trail shoes could be the root of all achilles evil?

Well dumbass me, got the trail shoes as I was doing more trails but still used them when I ran on the roads

So know this...Trail shoes for trails.

Road shoes for the road…

I thought trail shoes would have more support…

They do, for trails but different support is needed for road pounding.

As I well bloody know!


Also as the physio said, I had the same shoes for the last 3-4 years with no problems…

Why change?

I would kick myself if I could and my tendons weren’t so sore.

So ordering my old glycerins that I had no trouble with….

For when I can run…

Remember I said my old shoes felt funny too after the trail shoes…

The worst thing….???

I almost did not go today to the Physio, I almost went for a run.

Insanity reigns!!




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