Lets go Surfing now….


What do you think?

This I could do to take my mind off running and I could tie in the swimming?

No matter I have only surfed maybe twice in my life and I am not sure the word surf is what I was doing:)

I thought, A surf school!!! 

3-5 day surf school in Raglan.

But the kicker is, I will go in June, which will be mid bloody winter here….

It will be my incentive to carry on with the swimming….



Remember when I went to Raglan a few weeks ago?

Well its one of the best surf beaches in NZ!!

Is that the fates or what?

But I knew that as I grew up not far from there.

And where did I go the other day?

Mount Maunganui...

Another surf beach but on the east coast this time…


All only 2-2 & 1/2 hours away from me.



The Mount

The Mount

The Mount

The Mount

The Mount

The Mount

Then later in the year I can do another surf school at the Mount.

Not high season though as the mount, then is a nightmare!

Raglan isn’t really busy as its only 4500 population.

So surfing?

I always wanted to be a surfie chick!!

Keanu Reaves, Patrick Swayze, Point Break…

OMG, I just read they have remade it!!



point break


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