Could really go a RUN now…





No running for who knows how many days now….

Things are bloody shite at the moment.

2 arsey teenager sons that are a bloody nightmare.

Job that is ok but the pay is so bad I will need to leave.

3 x 12 hours shifts over the next 3 days.

Burnt the pot black and my card was declined at the supermarket today.


Worry, Worry, Worry and nothing to take away that stress.

People asking stupid questions regarding recipes on my baking blog.

Can’t exercise at all.

Achilles is sore sore sore…

Swimming is boring and I FUCKING HATE IT.

I want to punch people running in the street, in the face.


How dare they run without me???

Where is the loyalty:)


Where is the bloody good karma???



3 thoughts on “Could really go a RUN now…

    • Thanks:) I have some from the physio. He has said no running so I will stay with that at the moment for once in my life:) Had a session this morning and the achilles hurt like a bitch…did some electrode stuff,heat pack, massage and then ice pack….Will see how we go next week…I just need to suck it up and go swimming…

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