..Moving On…..


Not running BUT moving….

This week I can resume all other cardio type activities:)

Sadly I start strength Achilles exercises like the hideous one above…

100 per day…rise up, slow down till stretch and hold..


They make you feel like you need to go to the toilet.

I do 10 in one hit each hour I am at work…

Else I won’t do them.

I will forget or the like..

I will work up to 30 at a time like the physio said.


He said a month of these exercises could be the saviour!

Achilles hurts like a bugger the day after he massages it etc but over all it seems to be getting better.

I can still feel the nodule.

Nothing in my right Achilles now, that is healed.

rocktape 1

Still looking at 4-8 weeks until we can hit the trail or pavement again.

Going to get some rocktape as a friend swears by it and some compression socks for my return to running…

Get it ready now…in anticipation!

Things are on the up!

Tour de Taupo (ha ha ha) here I come!


That is what progress feels like:)

Had a yoghurt instead of a rolo too:)




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