Still here……..JUST!!

crapBloody hell!

How long has it been now?

Too long….

About 8 weeks, no running.

Just checked and no running since March 27th…

Achilles is no better.

Everyday its maxigesics for the inflammation, voltaren rub , exercises and repeat repeat repeat!

Plus physio with electric currents etc once a week.

This week I am going back to the gym as I have put on 3 kg!

At the moment I have no idea when I can run again as the nodules on my Achilles got worse 2 weeks ago.

At least I no longer want to kill and maim fellow runners:)


Need some exercise, I am turning into a lazy blob


No running type exercises but what do you reckon about TRX resistance training that Two BAD Bodies do?

Check them out if you have not already.

It looks like the sweaty and hard out stuff I like but its the running bit that I won’t be able to do.

The gym I go to has just started classes so maybe…

2 bad bodies


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