Suggggaaarrrrr Monster!!


Sugar Sugar Sugar….

I feel like a HUGE sugar binge.

Lollies, Fruit cake, Chocolate, Jelly Lollies, Jelly Joiners, Coconut Rough…

Doughnuts filled with creme patisserie or cream, French pastries…

Ginger Crunch, Caramel slice maybe even biscuits!

God, not a biscuit eater so when thoughts turn to biscuits, you know its …




One of my challenges has been to cut the crappy food on the head whilst not exercising.

Have I succeeded?

Not really.

I have been more liberal with sweets than when running, call it self medicating.

Call it self pity?

In all honesty, I eat pretty well most of the time but when I eat badly I make a day of it or of late a week or month of it!

Its almost like  “GO HARD & get it out of my system…

I now need to go hard with some exercise.

cake binge

Nothing to irritate the Achilles as you can imagine .

So cycling is good, rowing is good, squats (sadly) are ok, lunges in moderation, calf raises(very sadly) and most weight exercises.

No excessive walking (yay as I hate walking) no elipitical or jarring of the archilles.

Swimming, urgh, as you know I hate.

No Tabata or jumping or HIIT, No No No.

I was going to subscribe to the 30 day programme by 2 bad bodies but nope, too jarring at this stage.

Will go do a spin class and go from there.

Put down that lolly!!





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