11 weeks……

no running

Yes, this is how long since I ran…

77 days!!

Thats a BASTARD long time.

I work across from the waterfront and what do I see ALL DAY?



Yes, that is right!

Fuckers running, all day….

Running past…running, running, running…

Oh well at least I have noT wished ill running apon them……YET!!!

Jealously is a BITCH!!

running quotes

Nodules are going but still no running for June or July I would say.

Getting near the will consider anything stage at all.

I think if I had a definite date to start again, I could deal with that.

But its the ifs, maybes and whens….

I would rather be told ,” no running for 6 months”.

Its the hope!!

It is a great thing but….


I have done the odd wee 2-3 minute run, just instinctively….


A wee bit naughty.

You know, like running across the road, running to catch up….


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