Joy Joy Happy Happy!!!

ren and stimpy

Just did my first run in 4-5 months.

Fingers toes and all other bits crossed that the time is ok.

It is a bit of test the waters etc so here hoping!

Am allowed to do 3-4 x 3km run/walks per week for the next fortnight.

To see how it goes.

The DESIRE to run hard out is STRONG!!

JEDII can not even say what degree of happiness this gives.

Seriously, I love running, we all love running but running really is/was my saviour.

These past four five months have been bloody shite…

I had a lot of other crap go wrong as well as having no running and had no running to fall back on to help me.

I had a reoccurrence of the worst cycle of depression for some years.

I thought I would need to take medication.

But this episode has taught me to use and have other resources.

I have always run as a way to dealing with depression.


Running is my medication.

Mad?  Run!

Stressed? Run!

Didn’t want to deal with things? Run!

Sad ? Run!

Happy? Run!

Anything? Run!!

When running was taken away, it made me realise, I had no other ‘tools’ in my resource box to deal with depression.

Well I did but I just couldn’t pull it together to use them:(

running cl;arity

Weights, swimming, cycling just didn’t give me that serotonin boost I badly needed.

It really is like someone has taken away the sun.

Cliche as it sounds.


I started doing weights, rowing and cycling about 4 weeks ago after 3 months of grumbling and feeling sorry for myself.

It started my climb back.


It doesn’t give me the same boost BUT it helped me feel better physically & mentally.

Things started to turn round about 4-5 weeks ago.

I felt a small shift.

It’s not all smooth sailing but I feel I can get there now.

Today, though, I feel I can do anything again!!

I can not describe the joy I felt in that run.

I was so happy, I wanted to cry!!

Pure pure joy!


run alot




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