Remember me?

I am baccccccckkkkkkkk!!

New year, New Shoes, New program!

Triumph Saucony

Triumph Saucony

As you know , 2/3rds of 2015 was a shite year for me .

Running was terrible, employment was very patchy & irregular until June.

4-5 months off running with injury,  which spun me into a 4-5 months bad bout of depression ….

 2-3 months to get back into it , then completely lost mojo.

Patchy running from August to November.

No running at all in December, Achilles nodules playing up again, so scale back the running AGAIN!!

It is so demotivating.

However, I did start 2 good positive things exercise wise last year, that I am carrying forward.

I think the injury really made me realize, I may not be able to run 60-80 km a week anymore .

In fact some weeks I would be lucky to run at all, so I had to seriously look at something else I would like.

awful running

I have been doing yoga on and off for years but its not regular.

In November , I decided I would do 30 days of sun salutes every morning.

5 rounds of  Surya Namaskara A &  5 rounds of Surya Namaskara B.

It doesn’t take long, time wise or provide a good cardio but its good discipline to get help me get routines going again.

The 2nd thing I started, was going for surf lessons.

I surfed a few times , years ago when dinosaurs walked the earth.

I enjoyed the thrill of it and the possibility.

Also the terrifyingness at times as water quite frightens me but the adrenaline rush when you surf a wave is worth it.

point break

The Mount

The Mount

The only disadvantage is the nearest beach is 2 hours away either to the west or to the east.

But it makes me get out of my comfort zone regarding driving as I don’t like driving where I am not sure or long distances.

Surfing is great fun, hard physically, which I need and it is tiring.

Teaches you patience too, waiting for wave sets at times.

The first time , a big wave flipped me over the board and the board bashed my head.

After that, the board whacked me in the jaw….

Last time, a guy rammed into my ribs.

Seriously, I was in agony for a good week and it’s still twangy at times now…

Running is safer:)

But its all part of learning.

Guess what I got for Xmas?

Yep, my own board and I snaffled up a wet-suit last week so I will be off on my own soon without needing to hire all the time.

Back out to the beach in a week…

Have not gone over the new year/ Xmas period as it will be madness with every man and his dog.

IMG_0299 (600x800)

Needing inspiration running wise (pictures up the top of post) ….

I brought 2 pairs of shoes on the 31st December.

I went back to my Glycerins as I have never had trouble with them…

I swear when I changed shoe support types , that’s when the problem started.

The shoes felt funny but I still kept using them and also using my trail shoes on the road.

I also got a pair of Saucony Triumph shoes as I thought maybe a change of brand may serve me well.

Even though that goes contrary to what I said above re change.

The Triumph still a neutral shoe like Glycerin but it has a lower heel to toe gradient .

8 instead of 12.

hard yakka 2

I did a run yesterday, 35 minutes.

Almost killed me and I was doing walking /running splits.

3 x 8/ 2 minute splits and a final 5 minute run.

I am aiming for every 2nd day .

Back to the physio next week, to get him to look at the Achilles again and my knee.

I can barely bend it sitting down at times now.

Age, age, age, is creeping…..

running cl;arity

Great to see you all again!

Let me know how everyone’s running is going.


Tonto himself...

Tonto himself…


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  1. Your year sounds similar to mine. Broken ankle in January, which really was a pain in the ass (and ankle!). Went to Greece for my 50th in June, which was good. Dad broke his leg when we got back, went into hospital and died in September. Running was the last thing on my mind. Find myself totally unit now so its start from scratch time. AND I’ve not seen the frightening makeup ladies in Manchester recently. I hope is 2016 is better for both of us 🙂 Good luck.

    • Great to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope you & your family are all ok. Scratch time here really too…gasp gasp gasp…luckily though the mental training kicks in and reminds me I can breathe, I will be ok:) 2016 is going to be our year!! Take care and watch out, those makeup ladies are getting even more frightening….They need a trip here as its too hot for all that makeup…slides off your face…

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