The Ugly Truth is…….

he he fav!!

I am unfit, very unfit.

I am amazed the running gods have not excommunicated me.

With ones pants getting perilously tight,

I decided action was needed and I had a go at a HIIT session.


As you all know HIIT, is hideous at the best of times.

This is NOT my best of times.

This is 8 months of bugger all of anything involving moving with an extra 5 kg on my arse!


It was 50 second/ 10 second work out with 5 exercises and then you repeated it 2-4 times.

High knees.

knee highs

Jumping Jacks.


Burpees (yes, the work of the devil, in fact they should be BANNED!!)


Ski Jumps.


Box jump overs.


Individually, I actually don’t mind most of these, not burpees though.

You know, one set of 10-15 in between a super set of weights…


Ha! Do not be fooled, together they are EVIL, EVIL, EVIL.

10 seconds in to the knee highs, I thought” Oh yeah, this will be ok”.

30 seconds, I could barely breathe.

40 seconds, I am not sure what I was doing could be called knee highs….

Feet barely off the ground more like!

Jumping jacks, a little more low-key so better.

Then the BURPEES…

If it was not on the downward slide before, it was once I started burpees.

Just hideous….I used to be able to do 80 at one stage.

I think I did 20 and that was really drawing out the last 5…

We are NOT finished, We are ONLY 3 minutes in!!


So that was real fun.

I decided that I may have a wee row too.

I used to be able to do 30-45 minutes.

Ha, almost did 3 minutes!

The point of all this nastiness is to increase my fitness so I can pass my 27 laps in 5 minutes for Roller derby.

And fit my pants!

Might help if I was running periodically….

Running and myself have drifted apart this year.

We have come together but I have not been faithful….

I have longed to run but didn’t….

I have drifted off to try other things….

Roller Derby being one….

And the Achilles nodules still play up and haunt me.

run fat bitch 2

Yeah, that picture above could be my swan song!

Along with “Here we go again”…..

Today I noticed my favorite pants, one of the few pairs that still fit me , are thinning very dangerously.

Then it will be P J pants or a bigger size new!

So I downloaded C25k, and off I went tonight.

Luckily it was dark as my running shorts are so tight, it would obscene in daylight!

Day one done and dusted.

I have tweaked it a little, in that I do 40 minutes in total and run 90 secs and walk 60 (rather than vice versa)

and 2 x 5 minute runs at the start and end.

And tomorrow??????





2 thoughts on “The Ugly Truth is…….

  1. I know exactly what you mean! No running for over 18 months. Sat in a bar in Greece pondering were it all went wrong lol. The scary make-up ladies are still in Manchester though. Good luck 🙂 J

    • I think they are taking over the world!! You should have seen them in the states!! Wooooaaahhh…alot of make up! Took my sneakers on holiday to the States and we could have had some amazing runs, my sneakers and me. Poor buggers didn’t get a glimpse out of the suitcase… But i will say in my defense, it was 40+ degrees in some places and I did walk though 15 km + a day…..ha that is why the 5 kg is not 10 kg!! Onwards and Upwards for both of us….Are you still injured or just lost that mojo?

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