Tssssst……Feel that???

burning hot

Yep, that’s me!!

Woo, on fire folks, smoking hot…..

Off to a roaring (bad pun) start!

4  (mine starts Sunday) days in to the week and……..

2 runs and 2 Kayla circuit sessions.

What do you say to that?

Ha, crash and burn?

And , did I mention 1 session of HIIT!

 I am just sooooooo GOOD, it’s not even funny!


Yep, the panties, and they are big at the moment, are pulled up and raring to go.

Must say very very and very tempted at home time to go home tonight.

BUT I went straight to the gym.

It’s not that I do not want to go to the gym but after work, I like to go home.

Go home after dealing with wankers all day, have a coffee and a bit of peace.

Ok, I wish that happened  but in reality , its get home and feed the cats, clean up, start dinner and so on and so forth….

But the main point is not talking to dickheads, so even if I am still slaving, it’s a quiet slaving.

I will then go to the gym or for a run after decompressing:)

However the dilemma is this….sometimes I have to go to my course after work and get groceries and other crap.


This is the problem with a 8-5 job, you can not do things during the day, very annoying.

I am being serious, very inconsiderate of my employers, a 2-10pm shift would be better.

I get up at 6.30, work till 4.30, go straight to the gym, then straight to the course, then onto supermarket, getting home about 9.30 pm…

And the joyful thing is I have to be back at work in 10 hours and I haven’t even eaten my bloody dinner.

See the temptation , just to go home at 4.30 before doing all that crap?

But if I do, when do I go for a run or the gym?


its a miracle cc

This is why it is indeed a miracle that I went today.

The lure of coffee and peace is strong!!

Coffee, peace and food or sweating, pain and breathlessness….

Gee……..hard decision!!





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