Week 3…….Day 1…


Yeah , baby!

Week 3 is here…..

This week I have done 4 runs and 3 Kayla workouts plus 1 HIIT! 

I am quite chuffed as those bloody Kayla circuits are quite hard.

Seriously, I am happy just to run so any other exercise that is unpleasant (err highlighting my unfitness) is quickly put in the “I bloody hate that shit” basket.

2 different 7 minute cardio/resistance circuits that you repeat 2 times each with 30-90 second rest…….so 30 minutes all up ….

Its great that its short but its intense.

15 x squats, 1 minute skipping, 24 lunges, 10 burpees and repeat for 7 minutes….

Then you do another circuit…..and so on……



FUCKKKKKKKKKKK…. We bloody well got fast fibre installed the other day, fast my arse!!

Its driving me bloody mad and its impossible to do anything…

Half an hour to save a picture and upload it…..well not quite but you get my drift…

Plus the stupid bastard wireless keyboard is crap as well….

TAP TAP TAP TAPPING away and all of a sudden 50 words or nothing…and I look up and everything is in CAPS!!!

I am too lazy to redo…..


I digress…Important running matters at hand….

I am sort of doing C25K, well roughly the total length and having fast walking periods.

Today I did 2 minute walk warm up -5 minute 8 km pace warm up run..

60 second 6 km fast walk – 5 minute 9 km pace run.

90 second 6 km walk -4 minute 10 km pace run.

60 second walk – 3 minute 11 km pace run.

60 second walk – 2 minute 10 km pace run.

1 minute 11 km pace run.

3 minute 9 km pace run.

3 minute 7 km walk cool down.

And that is that:)

All in moderation….and the Achilles nodules will not flare up:)




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