Smashed those crossovers….



I heard you…

What are crossovers and when do runners crossover?


Runners don’t cross over and that is probably why it took me ages to get this.

In fact, as a runner straight is definitely the way to go….

Seems real simple, skate round the oval and crossover your legs from right to left as you turn…

Ha…Easy Peasy says me!! Not so….

I could do it anti clockwise… but I would turn into a clumsy clopper when it came to doing it clockwise….

I kept feeling my legs were going to tangle and I would think too much, slow down and be clumpy.

Then when I went fast, it seemed worse that I was going to slide..or I could not bring my right leg over enough…..


It was pissing me off as I can skate really fast but I need these bastard crossovers to help long-term speed.

Plus the speed is what hampered me initially until I learnt to lean into the speed and the way I was crossing…Work with it, not against it!

Anyhow as the team I go to training with only has a hall hire once a week and there is no rink for 100’s of kms…Concrete it is.

Ups the stakes as you can imagine…

Much more dangerous but lots more speed…….

Even though I have no fears about falling inside and will jump round and arse over, outside on the concrete, a WHOLE different prospect…..

A whole new meaning to pain!


I actually like skating outside better to be honest…

Skates grip better I feel.

On the wild streets of concrete, I made those crossovers my bitch!


 I will test this technique on the inside track tomorrow and see how we go!

I just need to master transitions properly and I will be SWEET!!

I can do it but the way I do it, if I do it fast, I will break my ankle.


No crossovers then and NO RUNNING!!


Plus I had a mean as run last night!!

A mean as skate and also a weights session today.

It has been a shitty long bastard week so am happy I only missed 1 day of exercise, despite being really pushed for time and feeling stressed to the max!!

Feeling better today, maybe cause its the weekend….

Still a bit blah but I think that is work related so am working on fixing that too!


run alot


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