Sometimes it’s hard to remember …..


that you are an adult……

Why do we need to act like an adult all the time?

Did I say I teach hospitality and retail to teenagers?

sweet baby

Now does it make sense?

Seriously, sometimes, no , in fact many times a day, I need to say to myself…

“You are the adult, you are the adult, you are……”


“Killing is not good, prison is not fun, you would not like running in prison:….

 I think if I screamed at them or swore at them like they do to each other, they would be stunned!

run fucking run

At my last hospitality school, it was a private tertiary institute and we taught from 16 to 66…plus a high decile ($$$$) area plus I had the private clients I chose to tutor as well.

Here it is youth only and ones who have no qualifications.

Ones who have left school at 14, done nothing for 1-3 years and now want to do something.

Ones whose families need a bullet to the head.

Ones who need a bridge between high school and work but had enough of school but don’t quite have the skills to get work on their own.

Some are just little fuckers for no reason.

I teach them basic socialization and employment skills, get them work experience and get them level 2 (entry-level) hospitality qualifications.

More often than not, they have literacy and numeracy of a 10-12 year old so we need to fix that too.

Some days very hard yakka and you can see why I need to run.

Some days it is hard not to beat the living shite out of them…YOU ARE AN ADULT!!

running 11


I have 3 sons and 2 are still teenagers, so I know it’s a difficult age.

One girl this week called my boss and ‘told’ on me.

They may know jack shit else but they know how to use phones!!

Apparently I take 2 hour breaks for lunch and leave them in class with nothing to do…

And they are forced to have 6 breaks a day…

And I play favorites because I did not ask her when she shouted answers over everyone as she does..

And a whole lot of other shite….

what is it



Because yesterday I told her if you could not speak decently, she could go home.

This is the same girl who I got an excellent work placement for through a friend.

A placement that would have given her a job at the end and they would have helped her get into culinary school.

The same girl who did not turn up to this work experience 3 days in a row and then said I was nasty because I told her off for stuffing it up.

Not only for her but all others that could have gone to that place.

Plus my name is now shite with that place.

But that is ok, as long as we can chat about all the boys that like us,how great we are,  take selfies, live stream stupid bullshit to pervos and a whole lot of other crap all day long and I am not doing my job???

Then to top it all off, she says to me..” Miss,  your son is handsome, he would like me”…

Ha ha, my son wouldn’t like a skank like her that boasts about been the town bike (for want of a nicer phrase) and if he even thought about it,  I would lock him in his room and chop off his penis!!

YES I AM A FUCKING ADULT !! and only thought it.

And now I am going for a RUN!!

Week 5, day 2 people!




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