2 days and I am outta…..



No more feral kids…



I have no problems saying that job was complete and utter shite!

In my mind, you have to want to learn & be grateful when people try to help you but these kids nah….

Plus I am the first one to say, being a tutor for them is not me at all.

I am a great tutor and love helping people and teaching people but with people who want to be there, not just to snap chat each other and talk shit.

They need a teacher or a social worker because I have the patience of a cabbage with people who piss around.

All I can say, if this is the current generation, then be afraid as they will be no money going into the government coffers for our retirement because none of them want to work.

Sorry, I am wrong, some do or think they do but nobody will employ them because they are unreliable.

Seriously, they have no idea, they think its totally acceptable to not turn up to work because they have some drama going on , and they don’t ring in or anything and then they get angry when the employer doesn’t want them back???

Hello, are we morons????

ricky bobby

And so ends week seven….

Week 8 is the last week of c25k!!

Still doing 2 sessions of Kayla too:)

Yea ha!!

10K, here we come, and no inflamed Achilles as yet:)

Its all good……..

Well, will be on Friday when I flip the bird!!





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