Run Rabbit Run…


The 5 km seemed a long long LONG run the other day…or I was very slow.

I thought maybe I was been a big sook….and making excuses.

You know head games….


Then I thought about it and my last 2 weeks runs at times have seemed very very long!

So I decided to check the time I left home and go by that.

Even though I still started the running program.

So get this…

I start at 7.30 pm…I start the running program at 7.30 pm…

It is 40 minutes, 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down plus 30 minutes running.

I will do 2 minute brisk walk and run 38 minutes.

The running program tells you when the running starts, half way etc and 1 minute to go.

It is supposed to but it hasn’t actually…or it has said half way and I have thought”WTF?”

So I run till 8.12, so slightly over time and I check the program…


It says I still have 28 minutes to run!!


So god knows how long I did run on some of these runs prior.

You know how you sort of know how long you have run for??

Well, I did check a few times and it said I still had 20 minutes to go or 18 minutes so I kept running.

So what do you reckon is up with that?

Do you think I bumped it and it paused and then bumped again and started again?

Tonight’s one was 75 minutes …

I timed it after finishing the 42 minutes I was supposed to run.

God help me when its week 16 of ten km!




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