Bloody hell..

2 weeks , no running…..

How does this happen?

Well, yes, I know, no legs are a moving!!

So was on week ten, or week 2 of C210K…

Back to maybe 5 km run tonight, slowly.

Feel bloody worse for not running too.

It’s ridiculous as you get so busy and are so tired so you don’t run but the run would make you feel better!!

But you are so tired, the brain doesn’t get that….

Yes but no but yes but no!!


Really stressful few weeks and long weeks at work, 12-15 hour days.

So when do you run?

 I know, people say, if you want to run, you will.

If you want to exercise you will.

Yes, agree, but sometimes……

run run run away

One of my furries broke his hip so that has not helped.

Poor wee fella and you know me….

Bugger the kids, as long as the cats are ok!!

So you can imagine the stress levels and hubby is away.

Trying to work, sort out work, settle cats, settle sick cat…

Went to get a new a new tattoo but shop was rained out and then rescheduled but puss was sick……


Bloody hell.


But no…



P.S…..The only good thing is….

that 5 kg I could not shift from holidays….

Gone, gone and gone….

and I will no doubt feel that today when I run!!

Like the wind, like the wind:)


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