Piss Off 2016!! Yeah go go go ….


Soooo have done a wee bit of running this month.

Not heaps but better than none.

I am going to do run every day for a month January…..

That will get me into the rhythm again.

I started on week 6 of C25K AGAIN, but I am actually still quite fit.

Well not quite fit but not vomit inducing unfit as I was in the past.

I just want to get in better cardio shape for 2017 and build a bit more muscle.

As I get err cough, cough, OLDER, I am losing muscle mass so better step it up.

2016 was a funny year, in some ways fucking terrible but ok in others.

Very extreme, all good or all crap.

All running or no running!!


I suppose to find a happy medium will be my aim for this year.

Not really dying to do a marathon for the first time in forever but want some regularity in what I do.

I do need to look at other things as my knee is playing up more and more…

Ironic , as my Achilles is not playing up at the moment…

Shhhesh, can’t win.

So its RUN TONTO RUN for another year!!






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