2017…Here we go…..

run alot

I suppose its too late to say, “Nah, not ready yet”…

Its not as if the bugger sneaks up on you.

Oh well, lets get on with it then!!

Starting off with a hiss and roar!

Done my day one of run every day for January….


Have to confess that its not day one….

Its usually about day seven when it starts to go to crap!

Gonna be strong, gonna do it!

Did another week 5 run from c25k, slightly tweaked.

3 minute warm up on 7km.

12 minutes running starting at 7.5 and going to 9kms.

2 minutes 6km fast walking.

15 minutes starting on 8 and ending on 11km.

2 minutes 6 km cool down.





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