This is why I run….


Nah, that’s a bit bum licky for me…

But it is true.

Really it keeps me out of jail and stops me hitting people.

Plus it is like a major rush…and I feel smug too!!


Like….”Ha, look at me, I am a runner, I am special”….

Well sort of.

Sooooooo Day 2 fellows, done done done!!

Yeh, feeling pretty smug too.

Today was 2 minute 7 km pace warm up.

30 minutes running from 7.5 to 10.5 km  pace, increasing every song.

2 minutes 5 km warm down.

Still a far way from the 60/90/3 hours I used to run daily….

But small mercies and all that!

ricky bobby

I run because I love it.

That is that.

And  I like to feel smug:) not snug!!

run fucking run


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