Day Four & Five…Still alive!!

20141113_105914 (600x800)

Puss Puss says….”I am barely alive, all this running cuts into feeding and patting time!!”

Isn’t he just gorgeous?

He is very naughty and spoilt though….

Mum opens the door for him , when he has a perfectly good cat door.

In fact the door can be WIDE open and he will wander over to the other SHUT door and scratch or meow to go out!!

Not keen on running, apart from the odd bit of chasing things up the tree after eating catnip!


This one was taken on our return from 5 weeks in the States this year.

He has a house sitter so there was no cattery or anything….

He WAS not impressed.

IMG_0436 (600x800)

Looking at myself…pretty beautiful whitey girl!!

Anyhow so day 4 & 5 done but I did use the elliptical machine today…

Went to the gym and the treadmills were out of order???


Didn’t have hat or glasses to go run outside .

I didn’t want to risk going home and not going out again….

so I used the elliptical…

Variety, spice and all that!


IMG_0121 (800x600)

What a handsome fella!!


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