Day Ten….begin again!!

ha ha running

Yep, at it again, but then I could not think of a rhyme for twelve…

I will be crippled tomorrow…

That bloody treadmill was off again!!…

Think fate is telling me to get out on the road again…

20131222_122633 (800x600)

no sneakers…

I digress, no treadmill again, so decided time to do some strength work…

I notice this wobbliness appearing on my arms….URRGGH!!

Get rid of it before it SPREADS!!

Back to good old Kayla Itsines.

She is pretty wicked really…

4 x 7 minute circuits….

5 minutes rowing warm up

then 7 minutes of squats, lunges, skipping and knee ups.

Rest one minute.

7 minutes of side lunges, sumo squats, wall sits and mountain climbers.

and then repeat .

tired legs

Can feel the soreness now.

Tomorrow will be barely able to walk…let alone run!!

But run I will.

At least it wasn’t jump squats, they are the work of the devil.

Worse than burpees!

Not much worse than burpees.





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