Fifteen, fifteen…hmm..treadmills ????


Tick it off!

Soooooooo couldn’t find a rhyme for fifteen either..

Some poet I would be.

Back into the exercise again.

I think I will do 30 days of exercise rather than solely running.

Friday the 13th, long slower run of 45 minutes at 8 km pace steady.

A good run over all.

Yes, the treadmill was working.

Did 5 minutes rowing too.

I used to think treadmills were the work of the devil.

download (85).jpg

I still do but I used always feel I needed to get off them.

I seemed to have lost that feeling.

But I do need to get out on the road again.

Another run yesterday, 30 minutes at increasing pace from 7.30 to 10 km.

Today ten minutes rowing and then Kayla’s 28 minutes of hell arms etc workout.

Even had a stretch today…wooo, moving up people!@!

Legs are still smarting from Thursday.

Might go to yoga tomorrow.





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