Here we go again….

here we go again

Ha, not wrong and yes, I am rolling my eyes too.

No mojo, no running, not a lot of anything.

Except working, which just brings stress.

Did 2 weeks of yoga and then the BIG nothing again!


Things exercise wise are very stop start, stop, stop and STOP.

So once again we go back to week 3-4 of C25k and start AGAIN!

Bloody hell.

Might even need to be start at the beginning.

Where O where has my running mojo gone?

Not even excited when I see people running.


ironman 2

Not even a new pair of shoes sparked energy so decided will not buy them ..

Well not until I have started running regularly again.

Fingers crossed or should that be laces tied?

Off now for a run err walk, stroll, run, collapse, so keep me in your running prayers.







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