May Day, May Day….

Can you believe it?

May is here!!


Its going to be a fabulous month, I feel it in my running shoes!

My April “get back into” challenge is now done!

I am really pleased with my progress especially as I have kept it slow and steady.

My aim for May is to continue my burpees, add 1 per day as before.

I am now up to 45 per day…Ekkkkk!!

I can feel the difference in my legs now.

That was one thing I found when I saw my hideous meat hook arms,

was I could not feel my leg muscles as I had prior.

But I can feel them again now…Yay!!

I will start another 30 days of 8 exercises to do everyday starting at 15,

rather than 10 as I did in April, plus the burpees.

Like with Burpees, I will add one per day.

I will be adding in some hamstring exercises to the 8 above because I am running and the distance will increase slowly too and the walking periods will decline.

I would also like to go to Yoga or do a yoga sequence once a week for a good stretch too.

April has been a real changing month.

I left my job on the 31st of March.

My husband and I are in talks to buy a restaurant in our local town.

We have put an offer in so now the bargaining begins.

This is really exciting because it will open many new doors for both of us if we are successful.

I will have my own commercial kitchen to make my breads in addition to keeping an eye on the restaurant staff.

I want to offer my breads/ rolls/ yeasty delights to SELECT high-end lodges and B & B’s here in Taupo.

Only a few places to start and go from there.

Possibly offer other services too in time.

Lots of possibilities.

I may take some temporary baking / restaurant management work for a few months until it’s all sorted.

Last week was no but with a counter offer.

But who knows, they could come back this week and say Yes!

Then its all go!

Positive thoughts and vibes please!!



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