Still here….The challenge lives on!

Still here…

Still doing the burpees and exercises ..

Just finished week 5 of C25….

Started a new work contract this month so am doubly pleased the exercise continues.

Especially because I had 3 days of doing nothing, the first 3 days I worked…

It could have easily gone either way and I could have said “fuck it”..

It has meant getting up earlier to run and /or do the daily exercises some days.

I was exercising/ running later afternoon or evening but work has meant it has to be morning ..

Or in between my split shifts.

The first day I worked was terrible as I got up an hour before work (I start at 11 am ).

I need to get up and be able to leave home with everything done plus time to have breakfast etc.

I am not a get up and go to work person at all.

Anyhow by day 3, I shut up, got up at 7 and went running and have carried on.

Even though I had started to whinge and go on in my head.

I have am doing 21-25 minutes of plyometric/ body weight exercises(including burpees) daily.

Running every 2nd day and yet to add the stretching or yoga.

I have ten days or so to do this as that was one of my aims for May.

Still here, still square!

Meat hooks and flabbo legs are still there but the no muscle look is going…

There is hope!




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