Me!! Me!! Me!!

Ha, well sadly I am not going to spill my guts and tell you all my sordid details. You will need to read my posts for that info. But I will taunt you a little……and tell you a few things…..

I like Italian artists, not obsessively or in a weirdo way but i do like Veronese, Tintoretto, Bottecelli and Michelangelo- Yes, yes, yes along with a million others.

Would I spend all day looking at them and hidden meanings? Nope, i like them for the instant joy they give me when i look at them.

I like cats. Alot.

I am not a mad, crazy cat lady, not that there is anything wrong with that but i am not, as yet.

I have 4 cats, the ginger mafia as the kids call them, and i look after 3 cat colonies and other various cats that look hungry or sad ….As my husband says, ” You think all cats are possibly underfed and unloved. Look at our cats, DO THEY LOOK UNDER FED?”

Err no, but they might be if I did not look after them so well.

I like books and running too BUT MOST importantly I truly believe you can stop smoking!!

I like running alot and it helps to run from the black dog.

So whats the point of it all? Who knows?

To keep me sane… To keep you sane… To keep me honest…To make you laugh and maybe me…To give you a little something to help you stop smoking…to keep away that bloody black dog!!

And maybe occasionally I may tell you a few things about my lovely cats to take your mind off smoking:

The catfather, Mr T.


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